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Josh Foo
Founder of, thought-leader, author and business exit strategist

Josh is the founder of and thought-leader in business entry and exit. 

Josh discusses strategies with businesses and aspiring owners in Sydney (Australia) on the purchase of businesses, business exits and profits.  He is in the forefront of digital lead-generation for businesses exits. 

To help clients exit their businesses, Josh advises his clients on the use of digital lead generation, marketing sales funnel, results-driven copy-writing, lead-magnets for conversion, third-party artificial intelligence (AI) to machine-learn and isolate target audiences, as well as relationship marketing.  (* You haven't landed on this page by mistake)

Josh mentors aspiring owners in Sydney on business purchase, blind-spots, risks and profit assessment.   In the trenches, he has met with hundreds of business owners in Sydney and was mentored by business leaders of their field

He is also an author on

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