How To Sell Your Business
Using Brokers

A Guide

There is often confusion and misunderstanding how to sell your business using a business broker. 

This is because different agencies allude to different ways to help their clients. A general lack of publicly available information also create wrongful impressions and expectations. 

Business Brokers cannot guarantee a price higher than what the market will pay.  If your business have issues that shun buyers away, then using a business brokers per se won't make those issues go away unless you hire a broker capable of transforming your business and resolve those issues.

Josh refers to this as The First Pillar To Exit, which is to create a business buyers want.  He frequently advises sellers on how to transform their business and create value in the business.

Unfortunately, most business brokers are not hired to fix problems in the business.  At best, they can try to 'stage' the business cosmetically to hide the flaws.  

How To Sell Your BusinessYour business broker can clarify the necessary processes on how to sell your business. Photo:

An effective sales process is the Third Pillar To Exit.

This section can help business owners to understand the steps to selling a business, understand the challenges of the sale process and learn to work in synergy with a business broker.   

If you drop the ball here, the buyer runs.  And you are back at square one.  All the effort to get the buyer to this point would be in vain.


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